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Exciting News!

| December 18, 2017
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I have the great pleasure of announcing that Chichester Financial Group LLC is now a part of TrustBank Arizona! 


Over the last 17 years, we have thoroughly enjoyed being your partner as you have worked towards your financial goals.  We have done our best to provide you with superior, reliable service and innovative solutions to your unique situation.


Now, we are joining the TrustBank team to take that commitment to our clients to a higher level!  This marks an exciting opportunity for you to have more access to services we haven’t offered in the past, including trust and estate settlement services, personal and business banking, as well as customized lending services.  It is also an incredible opportunity for me to get back to what I really love—working with my clients without the tasks of running a small business. 


It has been an amazing ride with Chichester Financial Group LLC and I am so looking forward to this new adventure with you!


You have questions and we have answers.  See below for details on our transition plans and what you can expect moving forward!


Questions & Answers

Q:  When will Chichester Financial Group become TrustBank?

A:  Throughout the month of December, we will be working diligently on the transition to TrustBank.  In the coming weeks, you will see us start to use TrustBank email addresses and we will physically be moving to the TrustBank Phoenix office by the end of December.


Q: Where is the TrustBank Phoenix Office?  Where do I park?

A:  It is conveniently located on the southwest corner of 24th Street & Camelback at 2375 E Camelback Rd. #155.   Parking is available in front of the bank and validation is provided in the building’s parking garage.


Q: How do I contact John and Virginia?

A:  The new office number will be 602-957-2006 and John and Virginia’s new e-mail addresses will be and  However, for now you can still reach them at their existing phone number of 602-283-2793 and their existing e-mail addresses of and  


Q: How will this impact my financial plan and relationship with John and Virginia?

A: Not much!  Both John and Virginia are joining the TrustBank team.  Other than a new physical location, you will still receive the high level of service you have come to expect from us! 


Q: Will my accounts that I set up through Chichester Financial Group change?

A:  The accounts will not change, but we will be transitioning from First Allied to a new broker/dealer called Cetera Financial Institutions.  The good news is that the two broker/dealers are sister companies under the same umbrella and only a minimal amount of paperwork will need to be completed. 


Q: What changes will I see?

A: We will start to use TrustBank e-mail addresses in the next couple of weeks and we will begin to introduce our new telephone number.  Also, your client access to InvestorVault will soon show TrustBank, but your access will not change and your information will all be the same.  It will simply be a change in branding and logos!


Q: Are there other TrustBank locations in Arizona?

A: Yes!  There is an office in Mesa and an office in Chandler.  Learn more about the locations here:


Q: Why did you choose TrustBank?

A:  TrustBank is a great fit for our clients because they value the same things that have always guided me at Chichester Financial Group.  We are both absolutely committed to our clients and helping them implement plans to achieve their financial goals.  We both are passionate about our profession and look for innovative and creative ways to find solutions.  We both believe in partnership internally and with customers.  Finally, we are unwavering when it comes to ethics and responsibility.   


Q: What else does TrustBank do?

A:  TrustBank was founded in 1912 and is a boutique bank servicing individuals and businesses.  TrustBank is particularly strong at trust and estate settlement services, personal and business banking, as well as customized lending services—services that we have never been able to offer in-house.  We are excited to provide a more robust array of seamless services to meet our clients’ needs.


Q: I have more questions; what should I do?

A: We understand!  Give John or Virginia a call at 602-283-2793 or email them or

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