Devil (or Angel?) Is In The Details

Devil (or Angel?) Is In The Details

February 14, 2023

I was recently asked how my time at Chichester Financial Group, LLC is going, and I can honestly say that the last nine months have added to the already strong foundation of knowledge that I had when I joined John’s team! As you may know, I have worked in financial services for 3 years now, but at very different types of firms. What sets our team apart is the understanding that taking care of our clients is all about the details.

You have no doubt heard that the “devil is in the details” and I have to agree, but so are the angels. It turns out the gold standard in taking care of clients lies in good preparation, troubleshooting inconsistencies, and seeing opportunities that others might miss.

If you know John well, you know he is an excellent mentor and is meticulous with the details. He is teaching me to always verify information, learn from my mistakes, and meet our clients where they are. It sounds simple, but rest assured, the details are the key to success here. 

Perhaps most importantly, he has shown me how attention to the details is essential to fulfilling the role of a fiduciary. Simply put, it means that our clients' needs come first—always.

We don’t wait for the customary semi-annual meeting to address any client concerns borne out of market volatility or life transitions. We are here for our clients at any time, and we reach out proactively when we see the need!

Some recent examples of the team at Chichester Financial Group LLC attending to the details includes:

  • Adjusting a client's investment strategy to align better with her changing risk tolerance by reallocating to a more conservative portfolio. 
  • Creating a financial plan after gathering and analyzing an enormous amount of data — John knows how critical it is to really understand the client’s goals and cash flow needs both presently and in the future. He presents the client with multiple scenarios that allow them to make an informed, forward-thinking decision.
  • Conducting a thorough annuity analysis for a client where this tool was appropriate. As many of you know, there are a lot of moving parts to an annuity and they can be quite complex to understand. Therefore, if the details are wrong, so is the analysis. Focusing on the details was essential to finding the best option for her. 
  • One client recently sold her business and had the opportunity to convert part of an existing Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA to maximize her current tax bracket and create a long-term tax savings strategy. 

In summary, it all comes together when John and the team at Chichester Financial Group LLC confidently present a holistic financial plan knowing that the details are accurate. It is more than just numbers on a piece of paper; it is their path to financial freedom.