Just My Two Cents – The NexGen Planner

Just My Two Cents – The NexGen Planner

September 22, 2022

A few weeks ago, Dawson Gonwick, Associate Financial Planner, and I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) NexGen Gathering. As this was specifically geared to those that are new to the financial planning profession or are in the first eight years of their career, this was not designed for me. However, I got as much out of this conference as any other attendee. I have attended many conferences over the years, and this one was unique – the energy and enthusiasm for our profession was palpable!

Dawson was in his element, surrounded by his peers. He had the opportunity to network with new/young advisors and planners and had this to say:

I came away from this event excited and refreshed to serve clients to the highest level of care and share best practices and alternative perspectives. John and I have already begun implementing some new standard practices that we are confident will add value for our clients.”

We were both excited to be interacting with the future of financial planning!

I attended with the goal of understanding what this newest generation is looking for in their roles, how they communicate with their clients (and each other), and to stay on top of how our profession is evolving!

The fresh energy and perspectives were enlightening. I was reminded what an asset it is to own up to and learn from your mistakes, be coachable, and make a commitment to lifelong learning. It was thoroughly enjoyable to be the senior member of the sessions and, when asked, offered up my experiences to the group.

As Dawson and I reflected on our time at the NexGen Gathering, we both really appreciated the overarching advice to be yourself and find your own voice in the industry and with our clients. There are so many voices and influencers when it comes to financial planning, that it takes conscious effort to stay true to who you are and the values that you live by. I can say with utmost certainty that this was time well spent!