The Student Becomes The Teacher

The Student Becomes The Teacher

November 16, 2023

A little over a year ago, I shared with you that I furthered my education by earning a Masters in Political Economy of Money and Development from Franklin University Switzerland. Obtaining this degree opened up opportunities I have long wanted to explore in teaching! This year, I took on two separate teaching assignments for Northern Arizona University (NAU) and Franklin University Switzerland.

Northern Arizona University

At NAU, I lead a seven-week asynchronous online course about estate planning considerations for financial planners. My students were all college students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Personal Finance and preparing for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional exam, a designation that everyone on my team holds.

The course's asynchronous nature presented unique challenges and opportunities. It allowed flexibility for me and the students, accommodating varied schedules. Yet, it required a high level of discipline and self-motivation from all involved, and it was hard not to have a live forum with the class. However, the feedback that I got from my students was very positive, and they appreciated the real-world examples I used to illustrate concepts.

Franklin University Switzerland 

The second opportunity felt like a triumphant return to Franklin University Switzerland! Dawson, Virginia, and I conducted three personal finance workshops for finance and economics students at Franklin University Switzerland. 

The workshops introduced students to the basic concepts and tools needed to make wise and informed personal financial decisions. The content was presented from a practical point of view and with an emphasis on the consumer as the financial decision-maker. The primary objective of these workshops was to give students a better understanding of what financial planning is and to help them apply financial practices to their own lives.

Always A Student

These teaching experiences have been incredibly fulfilling. They've allowed me to give back to the academic experiences that shaped me and connect with a diverse group of learners. 

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and mentoring and look forward to doing more of it. It is circular because even though I teach, I learn as much as my students do!