Your plate is already full, and, as a plan sponsor, you have the enormous task of keeping employees informed.  We are here to help your employees navigate the enrollment process, understand the decisions they need to make, and educate them on the available investment options.

Pre-enrollment Information

  • Together, we will build excitement for the open enrollment meetings with the goal of increasing plan participation.

Onsite & Virtual Enrollment Meetings

  • Scheduled at your convenience; suited to your group’s size.

Investment Advice

  • We educate participants on:
    • Investment types included in the plan 
    • Importance of understanding their risk tolerance
    • How to match their investments to their risk tolerance

Our goals in these participant services are to:

  • Improve the trajectory for financial security for plan participants
  • Guide participants through the decisions they need to make
  • Educate and inform for optimal asset allocation
  • Increase plan participation and contributions
  • Mitigate fiduciary liability and potential litigation

If you are looking to partner with a credentialed, caring, and seasoned wealth management firm, please contact us!   |  (602) 821-4877

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